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Dear Poetry Fans,

The Kzoo Poetry Slam is currently on hiatus while my father undergoes chemotherapy for throat cancer.  Hopefully the show will return in 2011, depending on the speed of his recovery.  In the meantime, check out the open-mic at Blaze Hookah Lounge on Tuesday nights, and the monthly open-mics at FIRE


The Kalamazoo Poetry Slam was founded in 1998 and is dedicated to bringing Poetry out of the stuffy halls of academia and putting it back into the ears and hearts of the people, where it belongs.  Poetry Slam was invented in Chicago in 1986, by an ex-construction worker turned performance artist by the name of Marc Smith...”so what!“ Poetry Slams are poetry competitions (think Maya Angelou meets American Idol) where volunteers from the audience judge the writing and performance skills of local poets on a scale from 0 to 10.



-You may read your own work, or one of your favorite poets.

-You have approximately six minutes to perform, we recommend two short poems or one longer poem. . .NO WASTELAND, NO BEOWULF, NO HOWL!!!

-Know what you’re going to read and have your material ready when your name is called.


-You may perform two songs.

-Original material is encouraged, but unique covers are also appreciated. . . NO FREE BIRD, NO STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN, and for god sake NO AMERICAN PIE !!!

-Try to set-up quickly, and have your instrument tuned and ready to play.


We welcome any other legal form of artistic expression (stand-up, drama, dance, ventriloquism, sword swallowing, etc) that can be

performed in six minutes or less. . . BUT NO F’ing MIMES!!! . . . . .Ok, mimes .


-Poets perform one poem that they have written.

-Poem should be under three minutes in length.

-Three judges chosen from the audience rate the poem on a scale from 0-10.

-The two poets with the highest scores go on to round two.

-The winner of round two gets $20.


This ain’t your TV or your local multiplex, this is LIVE ART happening right in front of your eyes.  You are no longer a mere spectator, like it or not, you’re a vital part of the collective experience.

-Please be courteous listeners, keep your conversations quiet and TURN CELL PHONES OFF.

-HAVE FUN, applaud, boo, cheer, GET AFFECTED !!!