Sarah Versau
Sarah Versau, hailing from Battle Creek, Michigan, was born to a family filled with Catholics, a bluegrass band, auctioneers, race car drivers and teachers... there wasn't much else left for her to do but write. At only twenty years old, Sarah has been on three Nationals teams, three midwest slam league teams (including the champion 2003 team), and even qualified to represent Kalamazoo in the Individual World Poetry Slam in 2005. Watching her perform is like going on an emotional roller coaster ride. Her poetry ranges from topics of suicide, to politics, even to a piece about a prophetic monkey. Sarah hopes to continue affecting crowds, and sharing her perspective on life through her poetry for a very long time.
Sarah Versau


Beautiful is a girl
with a pocket full of condiments,
all of which - stolen.

I met her tonight,
put her on like a mask
and strolled the last
of the remaining brick roads in town
They shone in the rain like pennies.

Messy hair,
dirty fingernails
and chafed lips never seemed so sweet
but on the face of that moment
and her bulging pockets
I couldn't help but notice the sugar sifting in the air
couldn't help but smile.

Beautiful is a girl
with eyes carrying bags like a tourist.
I met her tonight
and she and I smoked camels
all the way back to the house I grew up in

We stood fearless,
shadow-plaid beneath the lights
laughing and shouting
at the irate drops of rain as they fell upon us.

She said she was melting,
and I said, I finally understood
but both of us were as mistaken
as the deaf for the dumb
but we were numb to it all
didn't care anymore
because we had stolen condiments
and baggage, resting above our cheekbones
and that, made everything worthwhile

We played follow-the-leader with our breath
as it rose from our lips to the sky
like sly-kites without any string to tether
and whether we were sober, stoned or happy
whether beast or serpent or lovely,
the world was ours,
and nothing else mattered.

For the first time we smiled
like before we grew breasts
and beasts and fear,
smiled as though we were made of lips
and found that beautiful is a girl
standing next to a girl in the rain,
both of them realizing
that there are women inside of them
with a light that makes the Aurora Borealis
seem like a single candle.

Tonight, as the rain stung our skin
we were strong as good coffee should be,
wore the last of our infancy in giggles,
both of us, just as beautiful as we wanted
and she and I...
we wanted it all.

-Sarah Versau