Derek Soule
Derek Soule (a.k.a. Dirty) is the true patriarch of performance poetry in Kalamazoo. That being said, he’s really an alright guy. Derek founded Dirty’s Outhouse Poets’ Café in the mid 90’s where poets would gather twice a week for free open-mic poetry. The Poets’ Café closed in early 1998 but later that same year the very first poetry slam in Kalamazoo was held at Derek’s venue, Soule Coffee. A single parent to many children, Dirty isn’t spotted on the Kalamazoo poetry scene much these days, but he did a stint as host of the Kzoo Youth Slam and even came out of retirement briefly to feature at the Kalamazoo Poetry Slam in 2004.
Derek Soule

Spotted Flowers

She places her petal hands upon his chest
Seeking to swab the stain
Sheared sums
Silver bars forged from bone and emotion
Suppressing the perpetual pain
Her knife had sunk deep
Finding his heart
A sheath
Unremitting reminder
Bashful illumination playing hide and seek
Drunk meek
Lost on wine
Tattooed to a barley floor
His well
Leave him be
Bulwarks strengthened
A siege


The Zen of Bar

Swallowing mythos
Stoned beneath archaic constitution
Ripped for habitat

Consistent imbiber engulfing thee house of worship
1 at a time

half-witted proposition
like fleecing sand
in my grove
mantra's marinade the marionettes marketing themselves
exploratory countersign
encouraging conviction

mesmerizing phantasm

Effervescing suds
Amalgamated drinkables
Capitulating proposals
In perspectives
That high
That really fucking drunk spin

Paying my alms
Basing my prayers

That some how I will get home

And sleep it off

Bar Zen addles theocracy
Conviction masks the task
Each glass

Buoyancy's backdrop propping up a master's plan
Sit when one cannot stand
Drive when one cannot ride
And fall when you have to

There're Koans
e'er be minded
Know em


Flicker flame

Dance in the moonlight
Shadows prance gaily towards shelter
I find you in my thoughts this night
Stumbling upon love
My insides quiver with knots of longing
Calming the tear in my eye
Watching you laying here
I realize
You are the one
The songs I've song were all for you
Dreams that have carried me threw
To this moment
My hearts rapture
I still lose the words to say all I mean
Unjaded scarlet rose
Tender silk
Snow pure dove
A touch of sunset in your features
Dewy sunrise in your soul
I wont let go
For only you I love