Aaron Coleman

Aaron Coleman was born in Royal Oak, Michigan on July 3rd 1987. After ten years of waiting for a child, Janice and Dallas Coleman finally had their one and only baby boy. Raised with a lot of love and a passion to give back that same love to all has lead Aaron to success in both school and sports. The world of poetry began to reveal itself to Aaron in his senior year high school. Writing infectiously on everything from napkins to envelopes with any utensil possible Aaron soon fell in love with poetry. And after taking his first creative writing class as a sophomore at Kalamazoo College Aaron has put down the football helmet he carried devoutly for the past nine years and followed the poetry spark in taking the next step as a poet. From free-styling with friends, to winning a high school slam, Aaron approached his first true slam stage in Detroit, Michigan at The Rebirth in December of 2006. Aaron has refused to look back and has continued to dive head first into the world of poetry and is gracious for the opportunity to make Fire his poetry home and family. Aaron is active both on his campus and at Kalamazoo Central High School attempting to spread his passion for poetry to anyone who will listen through clubs and a campus television show. As a young new poet, Aaron, stage name “Three” is aiming for the stars.